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Georgia Aquarium

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First off... I wanted to say a big thank you to my sister Kellyn who picked Nicklas up from daycare on Thursday!!

Nicklas had a great time!!  
Nicklas LOVES his Aunt KK!!

On Saturday morning Jamie, my mom, my dad, Kellyn, Brooklyn, Nicklas and I packed up the car and headed to Atlanta to go to the Georgia Aquarium.
 My mom, Kellyn and I sat in the back seat and played Life.. I'd say we entertained ourselves pretty well with that game... we are a pretty competitive family!!
 Nicklas had fun watching us play!
 Brooke watched Finding Nemo... she was setting the mood for the aquarium.
Jamie was daddys co pilot for the trip!

Jamie won Nicklas a ball when we stopped at Shoneys... Sweet boy was working hard to get it back up to his hands....
 Almost got it!
 So close!
 Got it!!!!

Our first stop was the Dolphin Tales show!
Brooklyn loved it... Nick was okay with it... He started getting a little upset when there was a part that had thunder and lightning! But he clapped when it was over!!

Then we went to see a 3D movie!

 He only wore his glasses during the first 30 seconds! HA!!

Then it was off to see the rest of the aquarium.

Nicklas said it was very relaxing!

Not sure why this pic is upside down... but you get the point!

After our trip home Jamie, Nicklas and I hung out at my parents before our 45 min. trip home.

Nicklas loves playing with Brooklyn... even though she makes him ride in a pink wagon.  Real men ride in pink... right??

We had a wonderful trip.  Thank you to my sweet family for taking us!!

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