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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We had a pretty low key weekend... which I love!

Thursday night my parents took Jamie out to eat for his birthday.  We went to Texas Roadhouse. Nicklas looks terrified but he was actually loving it.  He had some cute waitresses cheering him on so he was to worried about flirting.  

On Friday we went to Fountain Inn to visit with my aunt and cousins who were in town.  

Nicklas had a great time visiting with them.

They bought Nicklas his very own batmobile.  

Nicklas rides it every night now.  He loves it.
Thanks Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and McKayla.

Then Brooklyn and Kellyn came down to visit!

 It looks like she was beating him up but she was actually hugging him hello!  He was just laughing so hard!!

Then Nicklas decided to bite Brooklyn to tell her hello... she laughed.

On Saturday night we visited a new church.  Nicklas stayed in the church day care and had the best time!!
He loves playing with other kids!  We plan to visit again soon!!

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