The Jamie's + 1


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We had a pretty low key weekend... which I love!

Thursday night my parents took Jamie out to eat for his birthday.  We went to Texas Roadhouse. Nicklas looks terrified but he was actually loving it.  He had some cute waitresses cheering him on so he was to worried about flirting.  

On Friday we went to Fountain Inn to visit with my aunt and cousins who were in town.  

Nicklas had a great time visiting with them.

They bought Nicklas his very own batmobile.  

Nicklas rides it every night now.  He loves it.
Thanks Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and McKayla.

Then Brooklyn and Kellyn came down to visit!

 It looks like she was beating him up but she was actually hugging him hello!  He was just laughing so hard!!

Then Nicklas decided to bite Brooklyn to tell her hello... she laughed.

On Saturday night we visited a new church.  Nicklas stayed in the church day care and had the best time!!
He loves playing with other kids!  We plan to visit again soon!!

Georgia Aquarium

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First off... I wanted to say a big thank you to my sister Kellyn who picked Nicklas up from daycare on Thursday!!

Nicklas had a great time!!  
Nicklas LOVES his Aunt KK!!

On Saturday morning Jamie, my mom, my dad, Kellyn, Brooklyn, Nicklas and I packed up the car and headed to Atlanta to go to the Georgia Aquarium.
 My mom, Kellyn and I sat in the back seat and played Life.. I'd say we entertained ourselves pretty well with that game... we are a pretty competitive family!!
 Nicklas had fun watching us play!
 Brooke watched Finding Nemo... she was setting the mood for the aquarium.
Jamie was daddys co pilot for the trip!

Jamie won Nicklas a ball when we stopped at Shoneys... Sweet boy was working hard to get it back up to his hands....
 Almost got it!
 So close!
 Got it!!!!

Our first stop was the Dolphin Tales show!
Brooklyn loved it... Nick was okay with it... He started getting a little upset when there was a part that had thunder and lightning! But he clapped when it was over!!

Then we went to see a 3D movie!

 He only wore his glasses during the first 30 seconds! HA!!

Then it was off to see the rest of the aquarium.

Nicklas said it was very relaxing!

Not sure why this pic is upside down... but you get the point!

After our trip home Jamie, Nicklas and I hung out at my parents before our 45 min. trip home.

Nicklas loves playing with Brooklyn... even though she makes him ride in a pink wagon.  Real men ride in pink... right??

We had a wonderful trip.  Thank you to my sweet family for taking us!!

10 Months

Monday, July 15, 2013

I can not believe my sweet little monkey is 10 months old... 2 more months and I'll have a 1 year old... when did this happen :(

10 month stats:

Nicklas weighs 23 lbs.
He is a crawling machine and is pulling up on things
He calls lights and fans 'birds'
He has to wave good morning and good night to every light and fan in our house.
He is in 18 month clothes and 24 month pajamas.
He wears size 4 shoes.
He wears size 4 diapers.
The only place he doesn't cry when Jamie and I leave him is 'school.'
Although, Jamie and I have never left him anywhere else, he cries when we leave the room!
He says Hey, Bye, Daddy, Momma, and bird.
He loves sitting on the front porch with Jamie and watching cars go by.
While sitting on the front porch we will point at birds but he will turn around to the the front porch light and wave and say bird.
He goes to bed at about 8:00 and wakes up around 6:30.
He is taking between 3 - 4 bottles a day.
He eats oatmeal for breakfast, 3 cubes of a veg. and 3 cubes of a fruit for lunch, has yogurt for a snack, and for supper eats either fettuccine Alfredo, spaghetti, chicken and broccoli pasta, ravioli or cheesy cheeseburger melt and a veg. and 3 cubes of a fruit. 

We had a wonderful weekend with Jamie's family and my family.

On Friday we took nicklas to his Grammie and Papas pool.

He 'swam' for about an hour.  Thankfully the rain held out until he was over the whole pool thing!

This was after the pool... time to put on our hat like daddy!

When we got home Nicklas was exhausted.

Daddy loves cuddle time.

On Saturday we went to Fountain Inn to see my parents.

Nicklas loves playing with his cousin Brooklyn...She was very concerned that he was crawling. HA!!

Brooke was trying to open Grand Daddys green tea... she was struggling!!

While we were there Mom and I finalized some of the plans for Nicks birthday party, yes it is planned and pretty much done, all we have to do is buy the food!!  HA!!!

Kellyn was nice enough to paint my toe nails for me while mom and I shopped on etsy!!  Thanks KK.

Mom and Dad also surprised us and told us they were taking the whole family to the Georgia aquarium on Saturday!!  We can't wait!!!