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Surprise Visitors!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I had decided after reading in my Baby Bullet Cookbook that when I cooked dinner and Jamie and I had spaghetti, chicken alfredo, hamburger helper, etc... that I was going to put some in the baby bullet and process it for Nicklas for dinner.  Last night we had spaghetti.  This is the first time Nick has had any kind of meat or pasta.  I think he approved!

He LOVED it!!  We are going to try chicken alfredo tonight!

After dinner we heard a knock on our door... we were not expecting anyone!!

Best surprise ever!

Please excuse my pajamas!!  At our house as soon as you get home from work you are required to put on your pj's! HA!

Nicklas was soo excited to see his Aunt K and cousin Brooklyn!!  

Aunt K and Brooklyn decided Nicklas needed to try some of their Bojangles biscuit!

Our sweet boy had a good night of eating! HA!!  

Here are some more pics from our evening!

Aunt K taught Nicklas to wave!!

He was waving to Brooklyn!

He was so proud of himself... yay!!!

 Brooklyn was breaking it down to the toodles song.


We had some more surprise visitors

Papy was drawing a picture for Brooklyn

Grammie put Nicklas to sleep while Kellyn and I caught up and played with Brooklyn!

Nicklas had a wonderful time with his surprise visitors!!

Thanks again Kellyn and Brooklyn for the wonderful surprise! :)

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