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Nicks favorite things... so far!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Since this blog is for my memory sake.. I wanted to list some of Nicks favorite things since birth.

Nicklas loved this swing.  He had colic so I think it actually soothed his stomach.
It was a life saver many nights.

We tried a lot of different bottles but found that Nicklas liked these the best. They also grow with your child which I LOVE!

Nicklas LOVES his walker!  He has not stopped moving since we put him in this!  It also grown with Nicklas as he gets taller.  Nicklas loves all the bells and whistles that also come with this.  The top also opens up and has a tray on it so I can put Nicks snacks on it.

When I first got pregnant with Nicklas I swore we would only use name brand diapers... I tried all kinds when we first had Nicklas and he always woke up wet.  So upon many friends recommendations I tried Up & Up.  I fell in love!!!  I would recommend these to any one with child in diapers.  They are amazing! :)

This walker grows with your child.  At first you can take the 'computer' portion off and let your little one play with it.  You then attach it when they start sitting up and your little one can sit in front of it and let them play.  The wheels have latches on them that will keep them locked, move slow, and then move fast when your little one starts holding on and walking with the walker.  It is perfect.  I love toys that grow with your child. 

I was VERY nervous when I decided to start making all of Nicks food but The Baby Bullet System makes it so easy.  It comes with a recipe book that gives you step by step instructions.  We are still using it.  You can also make foods in bulk which I love.  It teaches you how to store everything.  Love it!

Hope this helps anyone who is expecting!  

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