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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nicklas and I have gotten pretty bored this last week.

Nicklas really wanted to see Brooklyn...

HA!  We keep one of Brooke's riding toys here.  Nicklas has started walking back to were we keep it and dragging it into the living room while he is in his walker!  He wants Brooke to come play!!

Friday night a member of our church invited all the members to his house for a karaoke party!!

Watching poppy sing.

Playing with Kendra!

Nicklas wanted to sing!!

Saturday we went to Fluors annual 4th of July party.

Brooke had a great time riding all the rides!  But Nicklas didn't get to do a whole lot so we left and went to Steak and Shake for some yummy food!!

Ganna put a car together for Nicklas!!  He has so much fun playing with it!

Ganna was also sweet enough to feed Nicklas so mommy could enjoy her shake! HA!!

We had a great weekend with our wonderful families!! :)

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