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Aunts, cousins and the zoo!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We had a busy fun filled weekend.  It started off with getting my oil changed on Friday... I know that is not blog worthy but it was Nicks nap time and he was soo tired.  He was sitting in the chair with me just playing and all of a sudden he got real still and quiet... I looked down and this is what I saw.

He must have been tired due to staying up late face timing with his favorite cousin!

My Aunt Debbie and my cousins Kendyl and Mckayla and their friend Madison came into town on Friday.  When we got there they all jumped Nicklas... he didn't mind one bit!

Kendyl is the blonde and Mckayla is the brunette!

Aren't they gorgeous!!  Nicklas was in HEAVEN!!  He loves him some pretty girls! :)

Since the girls were in town I let them do everything for Nicklas!

They did a wonderful job... I am very thankful for all their help!!

Nicklas also had some cousin time!

He loves him some Brooklyn!

Aunt Kellyn also had to get in on the fun!

The girls wanted to take Nicklas and Brooklyn to the zoo... of course we jumped at that chance!!
Since there are so many of us now we had to take 2 cars.  Kellyn and Brooklyn jumped in my car so Jamie had to ride with Kendyl driving... made him kind of nervous when he got in the car and she was eating pudding!! HA! He made it to the zoo in one piece!  Kendyl is a great driver :)

Kellyn and I had a great time with both kids... who fell asleep on the way to the zoo!

Nicklas slept most of the time we were at the zoo!!  But we still had fun!

After the zoo Ganna and Grandaddy came to Nannan and Pupols so we could grill hamburgers!

It was a great visit!!  So glad everyone came to visit.

Grandaddy sent Nicklas home with some new pajamas!!
He loves them.

On Saturday Nicklas and I went to Target by ourselves for the very first time.  I have always been nervous about taking Nicklas out by myself.  We had a great time!

On Sunday we went to Grammie and Papas house ( Jamie's parents )

It was a wonderful weekend filled with family time.  We are blessed to have such wonderful families who love us and Nicklas unconditionally!

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