The Jamie's + 1

Family Fun

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nicklas and I have gotten pretty bored this last week.

Nicklas really wanted to see Brooklyn...

HA!  We keep one of Brooke's riding toys here.  Nicklas has started walking back to were we keep it and dragging it into the living room while he is in his walker!  He wants Brooke to come play!!

Friday night a member of our church invited all the members to his house for a karaoke party!!

Watching poppy sing.

Playing with Kendra!

Nicklas wanted to sing!!

Saturday we went to Fluors annual 4th of July party.

Brooke had a great time riding all the rides!  But Nicklas didn't get to do a whole lot so we left and went to Steak and Shake for some yummy food!!

Ganna put a car together for Nicklas!!  He has so much fun playing with it!

Ganna was also sweet enough to feed Nicklas so mommy could enjoy her shake! HA!!

We had a great weekend with our wonderful families!! :)

9 Months Old

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well my sweet monkey turned 9 months old on June 13th.

We had our 9 month check up today.

His stats are:

Weight 22 lbs. 8.5 oz. (89%)
Length 31 1/4 inches (100%)
Head Size 18 1/4 inches (85%0

We found out that Nicklas has his first ear infection... I would have never guessed it... no symptoms at all.  We also have to go see a surgeon because Dr. Simko thinks Nick has a hernia :(  I'm freaking out a little bit... not going to lie.

Not much has changed since 8 month stats so I'm not going to up date all that.

We are in size 4 diapers now.
He is wearing size 4 shoe.
Wearing 18 month clothes and 24 month pjs.

I have had this week off from work so me and Nicklas have done lots of cuddling!!  

Gonna be honest.... this is what we have done most of our vacation! :)

Nicklas had his first baby mum mum!!  He loves them!!  He now eats them as a snack every day!

We have played!!

We are cruising furniture!

We face timed with Aunt K and Brooklyn... we couldn't go visit since poor Brooklyn has an ear infection too... poor babies!

And we took selfies!!  HA!!!!

It has been a wonderful week.  I am blessed to work at an office that takes a week off every 3 months!!  I love spending time with my sweet monkey! 

Fathers Day 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday night we decided to grill out with aunt kk, my sister, Brooklyn and uncle Kevin, Jamies brother. 

Nicklas and Toby had a great time grilling with daddy!

 Brooklyn golfing with Uncle J

 Nicklas really wanted to play with Uncle J and Brooklyn

Sunday Nicklas and I woke up and made Jamie breakfast.

Nicklas was so proud of the present he got daddy!!

Then we went to church.

Jamies dad is the pastor of the church we go to so Nicklas went and sat int he pulpit with poppy!

Then we went to Fountain Inn to visit my family for dinner.

While grandaddy grilled out, Nicklas did some swinging and Jamie, Brooklyn and Kevin played football.  Kellyn helped our daddy because she is allergic to grass!! :)

Then it was time for some family pics!

All the men!

Nicklas and Pupol... both born on 9/13!!

Nicklas and Grandaddy

Love him so much!

My sweet daddy!

4 generations

Nick was looking at the fish in the coy pond and didn't want to look at the camera!

Aunt K and Uncle K

\My sweet family!!

Happy Fathers Day!