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Foodie For A Year

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Happy Tuesday!
It is time for another installment of Foodie For A Year.
This month was all about yummy summer recipes.

I decided to do Campfire Cones.

Ice Cream Cones
Toppings of your choice.  I used Reese's minis, Reeces white chocolate minis, Kit Kat Minis, Marshmallows, bananas  and chocolate chips.

Just fill a cone with desired amount and marshmallows and toppings.

 Cover cone with foil. Place over the campfire for about 3-5 minutes, on a heated grill for 5-6 minutes, or in the oven at 375 degrees for about 5-8 minutes until toppings are melted.

Then enjoy the warm and gooey delicousness!

Link up with us below and share your favorite summer recipe, I can't wait to try them all out!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My wonderful, loving, and most favorite man in the world passed away on May 13, 2016.

This is the man who taught me pretty much everything I know.  He taught me to be strong, but kind.  To be stern, but forgiving.  He taught me to love, but to guard my heart.  He is the one that shared my love of itty bitty dogs.  He took me riding on boats, tractors, motorcycles, and antique cars.  He shared my love of breakfast, my most favorite meal of the day and no one will ever come close to mastering his sausage gravy.  Him and Nicklas share the same birthday, September 13.  The day will always be so bittersweet to me.  I truly believe God planned it that way.  I also want to mention that Pupol was very superstitious.  It is very fitting to me that he was born on Friday the 13th, and passed away on Friday the 13th.  

Cisco was his current chihuahua and they went everywhere together.  Cisco hated my child, and other children for that matter, so when cisco cuddled up next to Nicklas I had to snap a pic.

All Pupols girls, he was surrounded by us!

And his granddaughters!

Bye Bye House and Hello Cousins

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Thursday.
We officially said good bye to our home 2 weeks ago.
This is the last picture I took in it.
This was in Nicks nursery... so bittersweet.

My sister in law, Kaylin, had her baby on April 22nd.
Bryar Matthew Pruitt
He was 7 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 in. 
He is perfect.
Nicklas wouldn't let him go.
He calls him his little brother!
Nicklas go so angry when other people wanted to hold Bryar, he is going to be his little protector.

Just some daddy love in the morning.  Both sleeping so soundly.

We took Nicklas to a dirt track a few weeks ago. 
He has his tablet, cheetos, and water, he is such a little man.

We live about 15 min. further away from Nicks school now.  One morning he was so tired he fell asleep on the way to school, I felt so bad about dropping him off. 

He pepped up real quick though!

He is on the far left of this picture beside the little girl in the pink dress, all you can see is his face!

Sometimes Kellyn gets to put Nicklas down for a nap.

Just a fun morning at school with one of our fav. cousins!

I swear her could be her kid....

We have our land all cleared.  Nick was super excited when this big machine showed up!

He was even more excited when Jamie and him got to drive it!

Love this picture!

Grandma loves having Nicklas so close.  I love watching them play together!

And we get visits from this sweet boy really often! win, win!

Here is all our logs and brush piled up!

And our driveway!

And a little throwback!

The Life of Nicklas: Volume 10

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Thursday.
Be prepared for a super long, picture overload update.
We have been so super busy with moving and Nicks surgery that I just haven't been able to update. 

Nicklas was doing so good potty training.  He got a cool batman toy for going poopoo in the potty.
He will only potty when he is naked.
Which is fine when we are home, but he can't stay naked at school.
Any suggestions?

I just love getting pics of Nick when he is at school!

We had a Drs appt. for his pre op visit before surgery.

Boy Jamie will always text me on Friday mornings, super early, asking if we are awake... this is the response he got one morning.  He didn't text me anymore. 

Our church had a variety show one Saturday night.  Here is Nicklas playing with his new best friend Killee.

Love candid photos.

And here are all the boys.  They look entertained!

While The Walking Dead was on our new friends Michael, Linsey and Kilee would come over and we would all watch it together!

Face Swap fun at work!

Another sweet picture from school!

This is the morning of Nicks surgery.  We had to be at the hospital at 10:30 AM and Nick wasn't allowed to have anything to drink or eat that morning. 

On our way to the hospital.  God was on our side that morning because it is the first morning Nicklas didn't ask for water or donuts. 

We had the BEST pre op nurse.  She had dinosaurs and cars laid on Nicks bed waiting for him.  She was so great at explained everything to him and making it fun.  She was such a blessing!

Getting all dressed in our fish pj's and cozy socks.

He was very concerned about the cozy socks.

This is about 10 min. after the sleepy juice.  So out of it.

Nicklas was #2754.  They have this screen in the waiting room.

Nicks procedure took about 45 min. and he was not happy after wards.  He yanked out his IV's and just wanted me to hold him.  Broke my heart.  He did great the rest of the day and ate his lunch right up.  All in all everything was super easy and I couldn't ask for a better experience.  

Battle wounds after surgery. 

His mask he got to decorate. 

This is the day after surgery.  

The week of surgery we were planning to move in the my inlaws.  Nick packed his box!


Poor nick in time out. 

Moving from the home we were married in and brought Nicklas home to was very bittersweet.  We are blessed to have somewhere to stay while in transition.  Last night we rode the Gator and are making new memories.  This city girl living in the country makes me a little nervous... new noises... and critters.  But my boys are loving it so it makes it all worth it!